Hasiru Holidays

facility include :


Adventure stay in Hasiru Holidays 

From Bangalore 37Km

From : jigani 18 km , anekal 8 km , narayanahrudayalaya hospital 25 km , electronic city 30 km

 The hasiru holidays is located between the most beautiful wildlife of Thammanayakanahalli , surrounded by wildlife greenery, with various amenities like private waterfalls and Rain dance activities like nature walks, Night jeep safari  and trekking, Hasiru holidays is one of its kind Adventure, close to nature.

The premium cottage offers Hasiru Valley View rooms in addition to organic plant view rooms . 2 BHK Cottage is offered for families in need of privacy. The hasiru holidays close with Hasiru view of the nearby hill station.
The jeep ride to the property along a off road adventure thrill ride.
One can enjoy a Night jeep off road safari to 784 acre of Farm plantation surrounding the property.

The Hasiru Holidays is a Hasiru Valley which is sure to take your breath away with its views and modern facilities , exquisite hospitality by well trained staff and scrumptious food by professional chefs.

Hasiru holidays is close  to the  wildlife of a hilltop, which provides you with  enjoy the Hasiru in the dense greens of hiils and spend some amazing time with your friends and families. The hasiru holidays  is also have a Camping and Cottage views of the lush Hasiru valley wildlife animals  at the bottom where you can see your Sunsice and hillview point along with your family and friends with the serene hill top view.



2 Days and 1 Night ( 12PM - 11AM)

 DAY 1

 Check in                            

 12:00 PM



   02:30 PM                         


  03:30 PM   



 09:30 PM    



 Water falls with trekking                             

   06:00 AM                                                         



  09:00 AM                               


    11:00 AM


Stay is one of the best  Camping and Cottage 


Family Cottage

Couple Cottage

Camping ( 2,3,4,10 capacity tents)


Hasiru Holidays has amenities including:


North , south Indian and Chinese Restaurant

Trekking 4km

Sight seeing

outdoor and indoor games

North , south Indian and Chinese Restaurant

outdoor and indoor games

Private Waterfall

Common Bathrooms

24/7 power and Security

Cool Drinks

Extra paid



  (1099 per hour includes                                                       

  1 tin beer, dry snacks,1water bottle

  chair, umbrella, fish stick and fish fry

  with mint sause)


  ( per Group 499 ) 


 Off Road Jeep Safari at Night

 ( 2999,   1-1.5 hr off road safari in wildlife 

   includes 1 tin beer )

Breakfast (Veg)



Individuals are not allowed to indulge in any activities within the premises after the consumption of alcohol. The management is not responsible for the visitors belongings. (In the rooms) Individuals will be responsible for any damage made to the property and the same will be compensated at the spot.

jeweler or other valuables at their own risk.

 The premises does not hold the responsibility for your valuables and belongings left unattended in the rooms allotted.

 Kindly discard plastics and non-essential materials in an appropriate manner.

 Post 5.00 pm, no adventure activities shall be conducted for any package within the premises .

 Music shall be kept to a minimum after 11.00 pm.

A total of 25% of the booking will be charged in case of customer rescheduling.

Kindly discharge the wastes appropriately.

Say No to plastic and keep the surroundings clean

Cancellation policy


Cancellation requests made on the same day are non-refundable



cottage stay

2500/- per person

12pm - 11 am

2 days -1 night 


camping stay

2000/- per person

12 pm - 11 am

2 days -1 night 


day outing

850/- per person

08 Am - 06pm

1 day